CZU Prague is recording success in the international THE Impact Ranking 2020

The CZU Prague placed first in the Czech Republic in the THE Impact Ranking 2020. In the overall ranking, CZU was ranked 201st - 300th in the world. A total of 766 universities from all over the world successfully participated in THE Impact Ranking this year.

The university rankings compiled by the Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) are among the most respected, and our university has been successful in them repeatedly this year. In the specific THE Impact Rankings, which focuses on the university's impacts on the basic 17 areas of human society development, CZU ranked first among universities in the Czech Republic for the second time in a row. CZU was best rewarded for the quality working conditions it offers its employees (goal 8), where it ranked 67th, a category dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment and decent work for all. "Creating a better environment for our staff and students and bringing innovative solutions to environmental problems, improving the overall quality of life and reducing our environmental footprint are just a few of the many activities our university seeks to respond to the challenges it faces," said first Vice-Rector of CZU Prague, Professor Michal Lošťák.

Furthermore, according to the rankings, CZU succeeded in ensuring sustainable consumption and production (goal 12). "This is, for example, a reflection of the fact that we were the first university to sign an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment to participate in the #Dostbyloplastu campaign. A responsible approach to the environment is a matter of course for us," added Professor Lošťák.

Full ranking available here.

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